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Adam also caters for children's parties, with his business partner Leanne. We offer lots of party packages, for more information and prices, see the bottom of this page.

With their wonderfully creative instincts, and their combined entertainment experience of over 28 years, the pair have always delivered fresh, new and exciting ideas to all projects that come their way.

They combine their unique style of Children’s Entertainment, Comedy, Magic, Illusions, Balloon Modelling, Party Dances, Party Games, activities, and lots of silly fun! They can even theme your child's party. But the party fun doesn't stop there! They can provide Discos, Circus Skills, Face Painting and Puppet Shows, Garden Games, Story Telling, Balloon Modelling Workshops, Make-And-Take Arts and Crafts and much more which enables them to cater for every family’s individual needs and requirements. It all adds up to a guaranteed Funtime for all ages. They're always able to provide a highly entertaining and original party, so feel free to test their creativity! No party too big, no party too small. They will make your child’s dream become a reality.  

And if you want a reference just ask their Mums.

Don't just limit them to Children's Birthday parties, they also cater for fates and fayres, events, schools, playgroups, Christenings, Barmitzvahs, etc. They can even entertain the children and adults at your wedding!    

On top of all that they still find time to write, direct, produce and star in their own full length stage shows and pantomimes! What busy but Funtimes they have.


"A person's a person, no matter how small."

- Dr. Seuss -


Our Frozen themed parties are totally magical. No other party company offers as much as us! Not just a quick visit from Elsa, Anna and Olaf, oh no we stay and play with party dances, balloon models, party games, face painting, balloon models, birthday gift, dance competitions, music, snow machine, plenty of interaction, photo opportunities and if all that wasn't enough...... You get a full fun and funky magic show as well! We also offer many party packages and party extra add-ons. So when it comes to entertainment, we at Keep Calm And Book Us never skimp on Quality, professionalism and content. So for the best children's party just Keep Calm And Book Us xxx

Please find below our wonderful Frozen themed party packages! Don't forget all packages are not set in stone and can be tailor-made to suit your individual needs. 

FROZEN PACKAGE ONE - Frozen - basic but fun party package

30 minute magic show and then a visit from Elsa or Anna who will make balloon models for all the guests, while songs from Frozen are playing. 

Total entertainment time - approximately 45 minutes

Cost - £130 plus petrol cost

(want a visit from both Elsa and Anna? Or how about Olaf? No problem just ask and we can quote you for any or all of them)

FROZEN PACKAGE TWO - This party's An Open Door - full on party fun

30 minute magic show with some frozen themed magic, then a visit from Elsa or Anna where you can join her/them for some party dances and themed party games with balloon model prizes!

Total entertainment time - 1 hour 

Cost - £180 plus petrol cost

(want a visit from both Elsa and Anna? Or how about Olaf? No problem just ask and we can quote you for any or all of them)

FROZEN PACKAGE THREE - Do You Want To Build A Party - bigger and better party time

Same as party package two but a longer party, with more games, party dances and a Frozen themed conga! Also includes balloon models for up to 30 guests and a special Elsa balloon model for the Birthday person!

Total entertainment time - 1 hour and 30 minutes

Cost - £220 plus petrol cost 

(want a visit from both Elsa and Anna? Or how about Olaf? No problem just ask and we can quote you for any or all of them)

FROZEN PACKAGE FOUR - Let It Go crazy - now that's what I call a Frozen themed party

Same as party package three but an even longer party, with plenty of Frozen themed magic and the top it all off a snow machine as well! 

Total entertainment time - 2 hours 

Cost - £270 plus petrol cost

(want a visit from both Elsa and Anna? Or how about Olaf? No problem just ask and we can quote you for any or all of them)

FROZEN PACKAGE FIVE - Frozen themed disco - now that's what I call a children's party!

DJ Elsa or Anna bring the party to life with a full, fun and funky children's disco, plenty of lights, music, party games, dance competitions, sing-a-longs as well as themed prizes, snow machine, balloon models for everyone and to top it all off a special visit from the one and only Olaf who will get everybody joining in and boogying along with some party dances and he even has an extra special gift for the birthday person/persons. 

Total entertainment time - as long as you want! 

Cost - Two hours £300 and then £50 per hour after that, plus petrol cost


"Your dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."               

                                     - Walt Disney -


Please find below some of our fabulous party packages with details, prices and wonderful party extra add-ons! Yes it’s a lot to read but because we strive to offer more for your money than any other children’s entertainment companies, it’s well worth a read. Please do make sure you check out our main party extra add-ons as well, as we have some superb extras you won’t want to miss! You can find these after the packages. If you’re after something that’s not on the list or a more bespoke package, just ask. 

PARTY PACKAGE ONE - A touch of magic - small but fun party package

Fun and funky full on 30-35 minute magic show with lots of comedy, magic and plenty of audience participation, even the adults will enjoy this magic show! If you wanted to make this party a little longer and add an extra something why not have lovely balloon models made for every child after the magic show, and a fabulous costume character appearance, making it about 50 minutes of fun!

Total entertainment time - 30-35 minute (with balloons & costume character approx 50 minuets) 

Cost - £100 plus petrol cost

Party Package One Discounted Extras! 

Add wonderful balloon models for the birthday person/s and their guests, £20.00 (normally £30.00)

Give it a wow with one of our costume character appearances for only £20.00 (normally £30) 

PARTY PACKAGE TWO - party starter - more for your money 

Same as party package one but with party dances, party game and balloon model prizes all with lots of engaging interaction, plenty of comedy and silly slapstick fun, with one or two fantastic children's entertainers.

Total entertainment time - 1 hour 

Cost - £150 plus petrol cost 

PARTY PACKAGE THREE - bigger and better - extra party time 

Same as party package two but a longer party and a 40 minute magic show, more games, party dances and balloon and lollipop prizes. 

Total entertainment time - 1 hour and 30 minutes 

Cost - £200 plus petrol cost 

PARTY PACKAGE FOUR - full on party fun - now that's what I call a children's party! 

Same as party package three but an even longer party with 45min magic show, our fun food conga, happy birthday moment, two entertainers, balloon models for all the children and background music while they eat and have the balloon models made for them. 

Total entertainment time - 2 hours

Cost - £280 plus petrol cost  

PARTY PACKAGE FIVE - magical party - it's all about the magic 

One magician and a full hour of just great magic! Be amazed and amused with loads and loads of marvellous magic, loads of audience participation and all kinds of tricks that even the adults will enjoy! 

Total entertainment time - 1 hour 

Cost - £160 plus petrol 

PARTY PACKAGE SIX - children's disco - now that's what I call a party!

Our fabulous DJ and party entertainer will bring the party to life with a full, fun and funky children's disco, plenty of lights, music, party games, dance competitions, balloon model prizes and half price balloon models for everyone ! We will have everybody up, involved and boogying along in no time at all. Don’t forget we have many fantastic extra add on’s for discos and we can also theme them as well. 

Total entertainment time - As long as you require 

Cost - one hour £130, one and a half hours £200, two hours £230 and then £50 per hour after that, plus petrol cost

Party Package Six Discounted Extras!

Balloon models for everyone only £20.00 with this package (normally £30.00) 

Costume character appearance that will also have a boogie on the dance floor! For only £20.00 (normally £30 -£40)

Really cool Glow Sticks, have great fun on the dance floor with these 6inch very bright fluorescent glow sticks. Glows for 12hrs -16hrs - £1.00 each and birthday person/s gets Two free to use another day.

PARTY PACKAGE SEVEN - costume character craziness - special party dance show

Fabulous party dance show. A very funny and silly interactive 35 minute show with balloon model and lollipop prizes and during the party dance show 4 different costumes characters will make appearances and each join in with a different party dance. Expect to have lots of silliness with our party dance host. After the party dance show, one of the characters will come out to meet and greet your guests. This is a great time for photo opportunities.  

Total entertainment time - 45 minutes 

Cost - £160 plus petrol cost 

Party Package Seven Discounted Extras! 

Why not make this an even more memorable party and add an amazing 30 minute magic show to this package for only £80.00 (normally £100) 

Add balloon models for every guest for only £20.00 (normally £30.00)

PARTY PACKAGE EIGHT - greatest showman/Circus party - jam-packed circus style wow factor party

Another brilliant party package that’s bringing a spectacular wow is our Greatest Showman/Circus themed party package. It has all the right elements to ensure everyone is happy, thoroughly entertained and wowed! Starting the party off while themed music plays, the guests can meet and greet with our tall stilt walking lady who will make them balloon models then our Ring Master brings out some fun interactive Circus skill equipment for the Children’s to get involved with and have plenty of fun. After that it’s party dance time with a special visit from our circus costume character Rory The Lion. Then it’s time for a party game before showtime! With a fabulously entertaining magic show. And if all that wasn’t enough the finale is A fire performance display! What a way to round off this fantastic party! 

Total entertainment time - 1 hour & 40 minutes 

Cost - £290 plus petrol cost 

Party Package Eight Discounted Extras!


1 - Make it an even more memorable party and leave a lasting impression with the guests by giving each of them a Circus Acrobats Rhythmic Ribbon. Much more fun than a party bag. Only £3.00 per Child, its also something that they would have learnt already during the party. (minimum requirement of 10 Children)

2 - Add to the Circus fun by given each of your guests a Circus Jugglers Plate Spinning Set. Only £4.00 per Child, its also something that they would have learnt already during the party. (minimum requirement of 10 Children)

3 - Both the above for £6.00 per Child (minimum requirement of 10 Children)

4 - A perfect accompaniment to this package is the special themed Birthday gift. A great keepsake for the Birthday person/s and also hours of fun! Gift comes with, Diablo set, Rhythmic Ribbons, Plate Spinning Set, Juggling Balls and a fantastic Magic Trick! All in a keepsake reusable drawstring material bag Only £40.00 per set. 

PARTY PACKAGE NINE - Hogwarts magician - a real magical treat 

Yet another fantastic party package. This time the magic is keyed towards the older children. That’s right, real close up professional magic, not just kids stuff! Even the adults will be mesmerised as the fabulous prestidigitation unfolds before your eyes. The highly impressive magician will perform magical miracles and up close wonder with plenty of audience participation. Be prepared for slight of hand, mind reading, magic with cards, coins, phones, balloons, bank notes and a whole host of other gadgets, gizmos and every day objects! Dressed in a fabulous Gryffindor suit, the magic experience will finish with the magic man’s own beautiful routine involving what is known as the world’s oldest trick! 

Total entertainment time - 40minutes (can be quoted for longer if required) 

Cost - £130 plus petrol cost

Age - Suitable for anyone aged 8 years or older. This package has been proven to work perfectly for adults as well.  

Party Package Nine Discounted Extras!

1 - Stick with the theme and get all the party guests a fantastically magical self working, easy to learn trick! Only £3.50 each, including a free demonstration and magic lessons as well. (minimum requirement of at least 10 children)

2 - If you’ve booked this package then clearly the birthday person/s is/are into magic. So get this amazing set of hand picked professional magic for them to have hours of fun mastering and performing fabulous feats of magic. Includes lots of professional close up magic, some of which would have been seen in the show all in a keepsake reusable drawstring material bag Only £40.00 per set. 

PARTY PACKAGE NINE AND THREE QUARTERS Hogwarts party - the ultimate Potter party

This is an ultimately epic party package for any Harry Potter fans it’s honestly got so much themed entertainment including that the Children and Adults will be blown away in amazement!  The Two fantastic entertainers will be dressed in full Hogwarts attire, One as Gryffindor the other as Slytherin, after the greeting we get into full swing with the first of our Witches and Wizards classes, each class they pass will contribute to receiving their certificate, that certifies they’ve passed the training (which they always do). We start off with a charms wand technique workshop where we teach a few simple wand manoeuvers, that we put all together and perform to very well known Theme Song, it’s all good fun, not complicated and the great thing is they get to keep thier Wands afterwards. After that we move onto a fun Party Game to win some sweet treats all the way from the well known sweet emporium in Hogsmeade, Honeydukes! Now it wouldn’t be a Hogwarts themed party without some fabulous magic and that’s just what you get! Prepare to be amazed by our truly magical magic show, and just like Hogwarts classes they will also learn a magic trick that the Birthday Person(s) can keep and perform again and again. Then before the climax of this epic party we have time to use our Sorting Hat on the Birthday Person(s) and guests. Congratulations you’ve past your Wizard & Witches training so get awarded your keepsake certificate to prove it, this is personalised, laminated and accompanied by a fabulous Balloon Model. Oh but wait, what’s that! Our Slytherin House entertainer has drink some Dragons Breath from Diagon Alley! What a wow factor ending to this visit as She actually breaths a few huge flame blasts from Her Mouth! Yes actual Firebreathing! A truly tremendous way to end an epic party and there’s still time to strike a pose for a photo with the Birthday Person(s) before we go. All in all you’re in for a wonderfully magical themed experience that you’ll remember for some time to come. The Children will honestly feel like they’ve been part of a Harry Potter Film! 

Duration - 1hr and 10 minutes 

Staff - Two fantastic entertainers 

Cost - £250 plus fuel cost 

(Based on a maximum of up to 20 Children, if you have more coming let us know and we can price up the little difference for you so they all get the extra keepsakes included in the package as well) 

Deluxe Themed Party Bag (The best Party Bag around) 

Keep them happy and busy after we go with our Deluxe Harry Potter themed Birthday Person or Party Bag, full of treats, toys, jokes and so much more better items than the usual stuff you get inside a party bag, we even throw in extra balloon models as well, making it a totally fun filled Party Bag. The price totally reflects the content of the bag with quality items that aren’t just cheep tack you throw away, it’s things that will get plenty of use, even the Party Bag itself is fantastic! It isn’t a throwaway plastic bag, it’s a fabric reusable drawstring funky bag, something they will use again and again! We pride ourselves on very good Party Bags and this is really good! They will have plenty things to play with and do after they get stuck into it. 

Cost - £15.00 

OTHER AMAZING PARTY PACKAGES - so much fun - lots of fabulous themes to chose from 

I think we’ve listed enough packages for now so before you move on to the party extras please note that the theme of the party can be anything you like to mark the occasion, you're only restricted by the confines of your own imagination. We can help with most themes so if you’d like information on any of the following, just ask and we’ll send them over to you. One we fully themed already like Package 9 & 3/4 are Superhero, Pirate, Wild West, Snow Queen (yes Her!) Alice In Wonderland, Magical Fairies, Easter, Halloween & Christmas. 

Others we can theme but not to the same degree as the ones above are Princess, Knights, Disney, High School Musical, Farmyard, Starwars, Dinosaur, Space, Safari, Hawaiian, Pets, Vintage, War, Nursery Rhymes, Summer etc and that's only the start! 

Prices will vary on these. 


OUR MAIN PARTY EXTRA ADD-ONS (these are the most popular fun add-ons) 

We keep the initial party package price very reasonable for the content you get within them so you can then add some of these fantastic additions to really make the occasion even more spectacular. Below are the main and most popular extra add-ons.

The Essential Birthday Add-On Pack (a very popular extra add-on) 

Give an extra surprise element with a fantastic 80cm Multicolour biodegradable Paper Confetti Shooter Birthday Cannon It’s safe, fun, quiet and really adds a lovely moment to the celebration, also included is Two sparkling Fountain candles that we light as we play the personalise Birthday Song and we lay out the larger Birthday Banner as well. 

Cost - £10.00

Birthday Person(s) Certificate & Large Birthday Badge

(A lovely memento of the party) 

This lovely add-on to the party is our official personalised Birthday certificate. A beautiful high quality colourful laminated certificate with the Birthday Persons name on it, makes a lovely keepsake, also included is a large Birthday Badge for them to wear with pride. Both of these items are produced in a magic way. 

Cost - £4.00 each set 

Party Guests Certificates

(Something nice for the party guests to take away with them)

Just like the wonderful Birthday certificate mentioned above our official personalised party guest certificates are just as good but these keepsakes are designed purely for the guests and will have there names on as well if you wanted. (For this we would need a full list of names at least 2 Days before the party, of if not we can do them all as generic ones without names on them). 

Cost - £2.00 each. 

Deluxe Party Bag (The best Party Bag around) 

Keep them happy and busy after we go with our Deluxe Party Bag, full of treats, toys, jokes and all the usual fun stuff you get inside a party bag, we even throw in our favourite wearable balloon models as well making it a totally fun filled Party Bag. But what’s the difference with ours from the normal Party Bag? Well the stuff inside is better quality not the normal tack. Expect slap band, Mini Playdoh, Mini Slinky, Mini Colouring Book, Bubbles, Lollipops, Jokes & Stickers and on top of all off the Party Bag itself is fantastic! It isn’t a cheap throwaway plastic bag it’s a fabric reusable drawstring funky bag, something they will use again and again! We pride ourselves on good Party Bags. 

Cost - £8.00 per bag 

Balloon Models (our most popular extra add-on) 

Our most popular children's party extra add-on is fantastic balloon models for every child at the party to take away with them. Although we do make a few balloon prizes during the party most of the children don't get them, but with this add-on everyone does! As for the birthday person/persons they will get even more.

Cost - £30.00 (based on up to 40 children, more than 40 not a problem, just ask for a quote)


Birthday Gifts (A lovely gift for the occasion) 

Add a delightful Birthday gift to this package to put more smiles on their faces. The gift is wrapped in recyclable Paper and is given in a magical way. 

Cost - £5.00

Costume Character Appearance (Wacky stilly fun) 

Why not make the Birthday even more memorable with a surprise visit from a colourful costume character, our costume characters are jolly, lively and plenty fun! They’ll be putting smiles on faces in no time when they get up to their silly shenanigans. 

Cost - £30.00 (please note adding this might add a bit of time to the over all booking) 

Balloon Modelling Workshop 

(Something they will want to carry on doing after the party) 

Balloon Modelling is loads of fun, it’s a really interesting hobby and skill to have, so why not learn the basics from the experts! That’s right the Birthday Person/s will be given a professional Balloon Pump and a bag of 50 top quality Modelling Balloons (these are both the ones us professionals use, not the cheap sets you get in the shops) and then they take part in a Balloon Modelling Workshop were they are talked step-by-step and twist by turn through the process and they can keep the results along with the Pump and bag of Balloons as well so they can carry on practising at home. Not only that to help them further we then send you a link to our private tutorial videos where they can learn to make loads more wonderful Balloon Models long after the visit. All of the Child can join in with this wonderfully fun workshop and don’t worry all of this will not use any of the 50 Balloons the Birthday Person receives we provide plenty of extra balloons for all participants. 

Cost - £50.00 (please note adding this will make party longer) if you’d like to add more professional Modelling Balloons for them to use later they are charged at £8.00p per bag of 100 Balloons, you can even order these from us as and when you need them after the party and we can post them out to you.  


Walkabout Balloon Modeller (it’s ballon-tastic fun)

Already got plenty of entertainment going on at the party, or maybe it's the type of event that just requires something more low-key? Then booking a walkabout balloon modeller is just the thing! Or why not upgrade to a bigger wow factor and have the balloon modeller towering above the guests on stilts! This makes for great photo opportunities for the adults as well as the children. 

Total extra entertainment time - as long as you require 

Cost - £80.00 per hour or on stilts £120 per hour. 

Cupcake Decorating (tasty extra party fun)

This is a great addition to any party. It's easy, fun, interactive and tasty too ! We provide all the cupcakes, icing, sprinkles, chocolate, marshmallows etc and will supervise and help all the guests in the making, it’s something different to have at any children's party. Could also save on having to supply dessert, as the children's can do this after the party food. (all of our cupcakes and decorations are Vegan friendly) 

Total extra entertainment time - approximately 15-20 minutes 

Cost - £1.00 per child (minimum charge of £30.00)

Close Up Magic (entertain the adults as well)

Treat your adult guests to a wow factor with some really amazing professional close up magic. This is a perfect accompaniment if you have added having balloons made for children as both of the entertainers can run them nicely along side each other. 

Total extra entertainment time - 20 minutes

Cost - £30.00 

Pass the parcel (traditional fun with eco twist)

Our hand made pass the parcel in lovely material bags, loaded with prizes or themed prizes.

Cost - £35.00 (extra charge for themed prizes)

Funky postbox (something different for the cards & gifts) 

Something to dress the room and add an extra pizzazz to the party is our bespoke postboxes for guests to put the birthday persons/persons cards in. Available in Red or White, compleat with silver stand, lockable doors and light up bases, the kids seem to love putting the gifts around it and posting the cards in it.  

Cost - £10.00 hire cost, red or white one or both for £15.00 

We offer high quality professional entertainment so you can sit back, relax and let us bring the fun to you. Any questions or to book just ask. 

(Above) Adam stars in one of his own stage shows,  'Bonkers and Bananas in King Pongs island of Bananarama'

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
                                                                                     - Angela Schwindt -

(Above) Just a bit of Funtime face painting antics in our short silly video entitled 'Face Painting T-Rex vs Shark'! ............. Maybe we have too much spare time!

For more info on how to keep the kids happy go to the Contact Adam page or call 07752064100


  "When it comes to understanding children's entertainment needs, it's easy really! I mean I used to be one myself!"

- Adam Hoffman -

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"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million." 

  - Walt Streightiff -